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VQ Insight

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VQ Insight is a powerful new tool from Derive Systems that allows clients to see in real time their vehicles’ fuel savings and emission reductions that result from the Derive VQ technology.



Real Time Insight Into Fleet Performance

Gain real-time visibility into your fleet's fuel savings and emission reductions with VQ Insight. VQ's powerful engine calibration capability enables you to take charge of your fleet's performance by reducing carbon emissions, optimizing fuel efficiency, and mitigating risks across your fleet.

With VQ Insight you can easily visualize your savings and overall impact. Our platform shows both aggregate and per-vehicle data, with market-level drill downs, allowing you to compare savings across vehicle models and over time. These insights enable you to transform your fleet's performance by easily detecting and correcting inefficient and unsafe driving patterns, resulting in a safer, more sustainable, and cost-effective operation.

Contact us today to take control of your fleet's performance for a more sustainable and efficient future.

VQ Insight Enables you to:

  • View where your vehicles are located by type and by fuel savings amounts
  • Understand fuel efficiency and carbon reduction by metro area
  • Demonstrate concrete progress on key ESG goals using EPA calculations
  • Drill down by geography to see details on top drivers and vehicle models
  • Cut data by source of savings to demonstrate the impact of both the VQ software and driver behavior improvements
  • See hot spots of where your fleet is burning the most fuel (and thus producing the most carbon) by location map clustering over time
  • Understand speeding events by market and vehicle
Your fleet at a glance

Fleet Overview

Gain insight into your vehicle fleet's location and fuel savings by type and explore specific markets with a more detailed view of your fleet's location, speeding events, and fuel efficiency in each metro area. By drilling down into the data, you can extract valuable insights that help you optimize your fleet's performance and lower your costs.

Find your fleet hot spots

Fleet Heat Map

Explore the hot spots where your fleet consumes the most fuel (and generates the most carbon emissions) over time, by analyzing a location map cluster. This will provide you with valuable insights into where your fleet is burning the most fuel and producing the most emissions.

Review your sustainability impact

Carbon Overview

Get a summary of your fleet's progress in achieving carbon reduction targets, as well as suggestions for reducing fuel usage and minimizing carbon emissions.