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Third Party Validation

Proven Fuel Savings and Emissions Reduction Backed by Independent Studies


How Comcast Saved Millions with Derive

The Key Takeaways

Unbiased, real data

About Our Third Party Validation

At Derive, we believe that one size doesn't fit all. That's why we offer tailored fleet optimization solutions, designed to meet your specific business needs. Our software-based solution is proven to enhance engine performance, cut fuel costs, reduce emissions, and address top-end speeding, ensuring a comprehensive approach to fleet efficiency.
Through independent studies, our VQ Platform has demonstrated its ability to significantly reduce fuel consumption and emissions during both driving and idling. Real-world data is the foundation of our solutions, empowering you with concrete evidence and results.
Explore the full reports below to dive into the real-world data and see how our technology drives efficiency, fosters sustainability, and optimizes your fleet's overall performance.
Overall findings

SEMA Garage Results

The Derive ECU calibration demonstrates a notable and consistent improvement in fuel consumption over all operating conditions.

  • 15-17% combined city and highway improvement with minimal idle
  • 16% combined city and highway improvement with extended idle
  • 18-21% highway improvement
  • 9% idle improvement
Overall Findings

ClimeCo Results

"The fuel savings achieved with the Derive VQ platform offer cost and carbon reductions that are beneficial to both the financial bottom line and to supporting a company's carbon reduction targets. With a very short timeframe for return on investment, Derive System's cost savings are realized almost immediately."

  • 8.3% reduction in fuel use while driving
  • 20% reduction in fuel use while idling
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If you're focused on reducing fuel consumption and costs, cutting carbon emissions to reach your ESG goals, or focused on improving your driver safety then the Derive VQ Platform is for you. Contact us today and see how we're saving other fleets millions of dollars and improving their sustainability and safety initiatives.