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The Derive VQ® Fleet Management Software Platform




Increase vehicle fuel performance, shrink your carbon footprint, and simplify your fleet safety program.

The Derive VQ platform is proven to reduce fleet fuel consumption by an average of 8.3% overall and up to 20% while idling. The combination of Derive VQ's Eco-Adjustment, Idle Reduction, Speed Limiter, and Distracted Driving Prevention features make fleet vehicles more fuel efficient, lower your fleet's CO2 emissions, and lead to safer drivers on the road. At a cost of only around $15 per vehicle per year, our clients save between $350 and $750 on fuel costs per vehicle per year.


Immediately reduce fuel costs.

The cost of fuel is one of the largest items on fleet management’s budget. Fuel prices are constantly rising. To lower fuel costs, a fleet manager’s only choice is to either drive fewer miles or use less fuel. The best solution is to get more miles out of the fuel you buy, resulting in less money spent at the pump. Derive VQ is packed with features that make fleet vehicles more fuel efficient on the road and while idling, lowering your fleet’s fuel costs.

Save $350-$750 per vehicle every year

Derive VQ Efficiency

Idling vehicles waste fuel, driving in a lower gear than necessary lowers fuel efficiency, and speeding increases air resistance on the car. They all add up to higher operating costs on your fleet manager’s budget. With a 30-minute install, Derive VQ provides your fleet vehicles with Idle Reduction to reduce wasted fuel while idling, Eco Adjustment to improve fuel efficiency while the vehicle is driving, and a Speed Limiter to prevent speeding-related fuel-waste.

ClimeCo Research

Third Party Validation

ClimeCo Data 1

The Derive VQ Platform is proven to reduce fuel use by an average of 8.3% during driving, and up to 20% during idling

In 2021, Derive worked with independent third party, ClimeCo, to test our claims of fuel savings following the implementation of the Derive VQ Platform. To accurately represent Derive’s customer base, ClimeCo requested sets of data from across nine distinct transportation characteristics including construction, utility services, oil and gas, and manufacturing. Ten pilot studies, looking at vehicle statistics over a baseline and trial period for multiple vehicle classes, were used to characterize the Derive VQ Platform fuel savings achieved while driving and idling.




Quickly cut greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

Greenhouse gas emissions come from burning fuel. The more fuel you burn, the larger your carbon footprint is. Each gallon of gas you burn creates 10 lbs of CO2, and each gallon of diesel creates 22 lbs of CO2. Cutting the amount of fuel you burn automatically reduces your fleet's CO2 emissions. Derive VQ delivers proven fleet vehicle fuel efficiency results that provide more miles per gallon of fuel burned, leading to fewer pounds of CO2 released from your fleet vehicles.

Move towards your ESG Goals

Derive VQ Sustainability

Derive VQ's Idle Reduction and Eco Adjustment features reduce greenhouse gas emissions by programming fleet vehicles to run more efficiently and burn less fuel per mile driven. Idle Reduction lowers the vehicle's idle RPMs by up to 30%, burning less fuel while the vehicle is stopped with the engine running. Eco Adjustment recalibrates the vehicle’s shift points to run the engine at a lower RPM while the vehicle is in motion. Combined, Derive VQ can reduce your fleet's carbon emissions by up to 20% while idling and more than 8% overall.

ClimeCo Research

Third Party Validation

Sustainability Data

The Derive VQ Platform offers an innovative new fleet management solution to decarbonize the transportation sector.

In 2021, Derive worked with independent third party, ClimeCo, to test our claims of reducing CO2 output from fleet vehicles. Road vehicles account for 83% of all emissions causing a global environmental crisis. By adjusting automatic transmission parameters, Derive minimizes fuel usage thereby significantly reducing carbon emissions




Permanently Stop Speeding

Speeding can lead to more vehicle crashes, more traffic violations, and higher fleet vehicle maintenance costs. It reduces driver reaction time and puts more wear and tear on vehicles. Derive VQ’s safety features include a vehicle speed limiter that restricts the vehicle’s top speed per your company’s policy. Limiting the top speed of your vehicles automates a large part of your fleet safety program and prevents speeding-related collisions and traffic violations.

Improve safety and reduce risk

Derive VQ Safety

Derive VQ safety features include a Speed Limiter and Distracted Driver Call Prevention Blocking. The speed limiter will program your fleet vehicle’s computer to prevent it from driving faster than the speed you set for your fleet policy. No matter how hard the driver pushes the gas pedal, the vehicle will not go past your fleet policy’s speed limit. Distracted Driver Call Prevention Blocking locks out the driver’s phone when their vehicle is in motion. This keeps fleet drivers’ eyes on the road instead of on their phone screens, and prevents distraction-related accidents.