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Derive Case Study

How Comcast reduced
its fleet costs by $75 Million

16.8 M
Gallons Reduced
$ 75 M
in total savings
154 K
Metric tons of CO2 Reduced
How Comcast Saved Millions with Derive

The Key Takeaways

The challenge

Struggling to manage driver behavior and retention

Comcast, one of the nations largest fleets struggled with managing driver behavior and driver retention. Despite an active driver management program and consistent coaching, drivers were still speeding or idling excessively, putting unnecessary wear and tear on the engine, increased insurance premiums, and significant fuel costs.

the action

Partnering with Derive

Derive partnered with leaders in Comcast's Environmental, Health, &Safety Group and the Operations team to pilot the Derive software across a test group of 150 vehicles. Every vehicle was reconfigured on a VIN specific basis to reduce idle RPM rate, optimize shift points, and limit the top speed of the vehicle.

The test group was measured against the control group and at the end of the pilot, both groups were compared to measure overall change in fuel economy. Derive optimized vehicles saw an average of 9.2% MPG improvement when compared against the control group.

the impact

Substantial change for the better

At the end of the pilot, Comcast rolled Derive out across all 20k vehicles. In the past 4.5 years, Comcast averaged a 9.2% reduction in fuel burn which translates to over $75 million in savings to date and over 154k metric tons of CO2 Reduced.