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See how Derive VQ has helped reduce fuel consumption and increase savings


How Comcast Saved Millions with Derive

The Key Takeaways

Fueling Success

Optimizing Fuel Efficiency, Sustainability, and Safety

Unlock the potential for your fleet's success with Derive VQ software. Our case studies showcase how our innovative solutions have revolutionized the fleet management landscape. Discover how we've helped companies like yours achieve remarkable results by optimizing fuel efficiency, enhancing sustainability, and promoting driver safety.


Through Derive VQ, these companies have realized substantial savings, reducing thousands, and even millions, in overall fuel costs. Explore our case studies to learn how Derive VQ can transform your fleet operations.

Overall Findings

How Comcast Reduced Its Fleet Costs by $75 Million

Derive partnered with leaders in Comcast's Environmental, Health, & Safety Group and the Operations team to pilot the Derive software across a test group of 150 vehicles. Every vehicle was reconfigured on a VIN-specific basis to reduce idle RPM rate, optimize shift points, and limit the top speed of the vehicle.

  • 16.80M gallons of fuel reduced
  • $75M in total savings
  • 154K metric tons of CO2 reduced
Overall findings

How Bill Howe Saved Thousands with Mission-Specific Vehicle Upgrades

Using premier engine calibration, Derive VQ demonstrates a notable and consistent improvement in fuel consumption and overall operating conditions.

  • Average savings of $465 per vehicle.
  • $51K in annual fuel savings.
  • 6.7% increase in miles per gallon
Overall Findings

Remarkable Fuel Savings for an Industrial Service Company

"Anytime you can gain fuel efficiencies, enhance safety, and help the environment — without adding parts — you have a great program." - Paul Leach, President of Loenbro

  • 8.3% reduction in fuel use while driving
  • $70K in fuel savings per year
  • Zero impact on the vehicle’s warranty
Overall Findings

How Frontier Reduced Its Fuel Costs by $1 Million

During Frontier's pilot program, Derive VQ software demonstrated significant efficacy. The newest vehicles in the pilot program showed the most impressive results, with an 18.9% reduction in fuel consumption per hour, while the remaining vehicles achieved a 6-12% reduction. These fuel savings translate into an estimated $390 in annual fuel cost savings per vehicle.

  • 349K gallons of fuel saved
  • 3,104 metric tons of CO2 reduced
  • Frontier’s environmental impact is equivalent to 51,740 trees planted
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Ready to Optimize Your Fleet?

If you're focused on reducing fuel consumption and costs, cutting carbon emissions to reach your ESG goals, or focused on improving your driver safety then the Derive VQ Platform is for you. Contact us today and see how we're saving other fleets millions of dollars and improving their sustainability and safety initiatives.