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Let’s support clean air solutions today

Memorial Day conjures images of summer fun, barbecue, road trips and swimming pool time.  But in the Summer of 2022, there are more portentous images as well. 

As those of us in the West know all too well, wildfires are becoming more intense and more frequent.  A recent study by UNEP and GRID-Arendal predicts a global increase of extreme fires of up to 14 percent by 2030, 30 percent by the end of 2050 and 50 percent by the end of the century.

Add to that record high gas prices which show no sign of easing, and the summer may take on a tone of unease and anxiety—about our land, inflation and the overall economy.

As gasoline prices move to over $6 per gallon in some states, transportation companies are faced with a dilemma. The cost of transportation of our goods and services is being added to the price of products and Americans are seeing this increase in the grocery store and in sales of consumer goods. 

The Conference Board measure of CEO sentiment showed that 57% of respondents expect inflation to come down “over the next few years” but the economy to sustain a “very short, mild recession.” And it’s not just CEOs.  Recent surveys show 28% of economists (Wall Street Journal) and 81% of consumers (CNBC) think an upcoming recession is a solid possibility.

We can do more right now to staunch the bleeding caused by high gas prices and by runaway consumer costs. And we can do more right now to cut carbon and reduce fossil fuels. 

Companies like Derive Systems are providing strong value in increasing gas mileage, reducing fuel (and therefore carbon) by 8 percent to 20 percent miles per gallon. This MPG improvement from Derive’s fuel efficiency technology saves some of our largest fleets millions of dollars of gas. With a low-carbon solutions provider, like Derive, America’s fleets can save fuel costs (passed on to American consumers) through a simple, one-time installation. 

It’s both beneficial to the financial bottom line and a fleet company’s goals in lowering GHG emissions. Fleets account for some 17 percent of carbon emissions; yet they keep America’s store shelves stocked. Let’s help transportation save gas now and reduce the carbon footprint of our U.S. fleets. As consumers, we’ll reap the benefits in our wallets and in the air we breathe.

John Oechsle, CEO

Derive Systems, Broomfield, Colorado