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EnVue Telematics Partners With Derive Systems To Provide Clients Powerful Vehicle Optimization Technology

EnVue Telematics Partners With Derive Systems To Provide Clients Powerful Vehicle Optimization Technology

EnVue Telematics, a leader in the intelligent vehicle technology field, has partnered with Derive Systems to offer advanced fleet management software that shifts the responsibility for improved performance from the driver to the vehicle.

EnVue will offer clients Derive Systems software that supports better vehicle performance and offer fleet managers another way to optimize operations. Automotive technology from Derive Systems upgrades existing software to better manage vehicle speed, RPMs and tailors shift points for more conservative driving.


This leads to better fuel economy, fewer greenhouse gas emissions and reduced risk exposure.


“By combining EnVue Telematics’ powerful fleet management software with Derive’s powerful active vehicle management solutions, fleet managers can enjoy a robust suite of optimizations and cutting-edge technology to see long-term savings and success,” said Karl Weber, SVP Enterprise Sales & Marketing for Derive Systems. “We’re excited about this partnership with EnVue Telematics and the opportunity to empower fleet managers with the right tools and technology they need to run successful fleets.”


Derive focuses on four fleet management areas: safety, fuel efficiency, productivity and sustainability. Derive software eliminates unsafe vehicle operations such as harsh acceleration, speeding, cell phone use and driving without a seatbelt fastened.


Derive guarantees a 6% reduction in fuel savings. However, others have seen more, including a client who had an 11%  percent reduction in total spending on fuel. Another saw fuel savings of $7.5 million and a 9% improvement in fuel efficiency. Still another client reported preventing more than 9,000 tons of CO2 emissions – the equivalent of removing 1,680 cars from the road each year.


EnVue Telematics is a leader among telematics providers, providing solutions for fleet tracking, vehicle tracking and optimizing fleet performance. Derive has more than two million software installations to date, producing systems that allow individuals and fleets to take control of their vehicles and optimize the way they behave.