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Derive Systems Wins Eversource Fleet Vehicle Efficiency Business

Derive Systems Wins Eversource Fleet Vehicle Efficiency Business

Broomfield, Colorado, Aug. 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Derive Systems today announced it will provide Eversource, New England’s largest utility with 4.3 million electricity, natural gas, and water customers, with carbon reduction technology to lower emissions and fuel costs across its fleet. 

“The VQ Efficiency Platform for Derive has already saved our fleet 10-12% on miles per gallon fuel costs,” said Michael Rorison, Director of Fleet Operations at Eversource. Eversource is a public utility with approximately 9,300 employees, and it fields over 5,500 vehicles and pieces of equipment to service its customers. The vehicles include pick-up trucks, service vans, and bucket trucks. Eversource is engaged with a variety of pollution control and fuel cost savings devices, and Derive’s VQ Efficiency is a significant part of the equation.  


“In addition to the efficiency and carbon reduction benefits, lowering idle speeds and having a range of Engine Control Unit oversight means our linesmen working out in the field can keep the cabin temperature regulated in trucks and remain a little cooler while they do their work,” Rorison continued. 


Another benefit Eversource is enjoying from the adoption of VQ Efficiency is noise reduction. Rorison notes that service technicians and line workers must restore power in tough climate conditions and often in the middle of the night. Having lower idle speeds while they work means families are not disturbed by the utility work. 


Rorison stated that improving the existing Eversource fleet with software engine calibrations is vitally important to reach its near-term sustainability goals. In addition, as part of its goal to achieve carbon neutrality in its operations by 2030, Eversource will increase EVs in its fleet, from 16.9 percent electric to 26 percent of their bucket truck fleet. 


Much of the fuel savings created by Derive’s software comes from installations on light-duty trucks, including the Eversource Chevy Colorado service pick-up trucks. Eversource has already purchased 1,243 Derive VQ Efficiency licenses in a first wave and will leverage 2,000 Derive VQ Efficiency carbon emission reduction technology licenses by 2022. 


“Derive Systems is grateful to work with an environmentally progressive company like Eversource on fleet efficiency,” said John Oechsle, CEO of Derive Systems. “Eversource is an EPA Energy Star Partner of the Year, and we applaud the corporate commitment to sustainability as Derive also supports EPA Clean Air initiatives.” 


“It takes a lot of work and strong technology partners like Derive to keep getting closer to achieving our carbon reduction goals,” noted Rorison. Eversource has a corporate sustainability and environmental commitment for which it has won numerous awards, including one from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. 


About Eversource: 

Eversource (NYSE: ES) transmits and delivers electricity and natural gas and supplies water to approximately 4.3 million customers in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. Celebrated as a national leader for its corporate citizenship, Eversource is the #1 energy company in Newsweek’s list of America’s Most Responsible Companies for 2021 and recognized as one of America’s Most JUST Companies. The #1 energy efficiency provider in the nation, Eversource harnesses the commitment of approximately 9,300 employees across three states to build a single, united company around the mission of safely delivering reliable energy and water with superior customer service. The company is empowering a clean energy future in the Northeast, with nationally recognized energy efficiency solutions and successful programs to integrate new clean energy resources like solar, offshore wind, electric vehicles and battery storage, into the electric system. For more information, please visit, and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. For more information on our water services, visit  


About Derive Systems: 

As a leading automotive technology company, Derive Systems empowers customers to take control of their vehicles. Derive safely and reliably optimizes vehicle performance, fuel efficiency, safety, and more through over two million software installations. For more information about Derive Systems or its products, please visit