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Derive Systems Announces Oil & Gas Services Leader Danos As New Client

Derive Systems Announces Oil & Gas Services Leader Danos As New Client

Broomfield, Colorado, April 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Derive Systems, today, announced the addition of energy service solutions leader Danos to its portfolio of VQ-Efficiency clients. The new partnership supports Danos’ goal to increase driver safety while reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions on its fleet of 400 vehicles across seven U.S. locations.

The deployment of Derive’s engine calibration software saves 2.95 tons of carbon dioxide per Danos’ vehicle, per year. This is equal to removing 1,178 tons of carbon dioxide across its entire fleet on an annual basis. By doing so, Danos is virtually removing the carbon footprint of 28 trucks from the road, or 7% of the total Danos fleet. 


The VQ platform’s core purpose is to deliver advanced mobility solutions to decrease carbon emissions from fleet vehicles. Derive’s combination of automotive fleet expertise and cutting-edge software technology helps clients achieve lasting sustainability results. On average, the Derive VQ Efficiency solution generates between 6% to 10% immediate fuel savings per vehicle, while simultaneously implementing speed thresholds on the engine itself.


“With Derive, we have already made immediate progress in reducing our fleet fuel consumption, which in turn lowers our overall carbon footprint,” said David Cedro, Danos’ VP of finance and administration. “At Danos, safety is one of our core values, which makes Derive’s speed-regulating technologies a perfect choice for our fleet.”


Since 2010, Derive Systems has been dedicated to revolutionizing sustainability and safety for fleet management with more than two million installations of their software. Derive Systems offers a scalable fleet management software platform that allows fleet managers to tailor their vehicles for the best performance. Derive’s VQ platform calibrates engines for better fuel efficiency, provides enhanced telematics for more significant savings, and shifts safety compliance from the driver to the vehicle.


“We take pride in delivering immediate fuel efficiency and vehicle safety to enterprise fleets of all sizes,” stated Derive Systems Chief Executive Officer John Oechsle. “Partnering with Danos to achieve their fleet management, sustainability, and safety goals is a win for both teams.”


About Derive Systems

As a leading automotive technology company, Derive Systems empowers customers to take control of their vehicles. Derive safely and reliably optimizes vehicle performance, fuel efficiency, safety, and more through over two million software installations. For more information About Derive Systems or its products, please visit

About Danos

Founded in 1947, Danos is a family-owned and managed oilfield service provider. A trusted industry partner, Danos offers the most responsive end-to-end integrated service solutions – safe, on time, and on budget. Danos achieves world-class safety results and customer loyalty due to a values-based approach and an unyielding commitment to employee engagement and training. Learn more at