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Derive Celebrates Earth Day, Plants Trees on Behalf of Customers

In recognition of Earth Day, we at Derive Systems are reflecting on our work to help America’s fleets reduce carbon emissions and fuel dependency.  It’s been quite a year already for Derive. We’ve worked closely with all of our clients to reduce greenhouse gasses, while simultaneously making drivers safer and reducing fuel costs.  In celebration of this work, today we are thrilled to announce that we have planted 3,000 trees on behalf of our current clients.   In partnership with Evertreen, an environmental consultant that monitors newly planted trees via satellite, these trees will be planted in 8 different countries and create work for local communities while also reducing additional Co2 from the atmosphere.  You can see more about this work here.  

Lower fuel consumption


Collectively, the companies that Derive is working with have had a significant impact on our nation’s carbon reduction and fuel savings in 2022.  In 2022 alone, we will have the following impact:  

  • saved over 18M gallons of gas and 900K barrels of oil
  • reduced fuel costs by $76M
  • removed over 159,000 metric tons of carbon 

 These savings equate to 34,000 cars being removed from US roads or 26M tree seedlings planted annually. So we think this is worth celebrating!   We are on a mission to increase this impact for next year’s Earth Day. In consultation with our ESG partners at ClimeCo, we are working to make even more ESG reporting options available for Derive clients, as we know there are really ambitious goals in this arena. We want to help companies show that reducing fuel by 8% on average, and 20% when idling, can add up to significant carbon reductions, as well as a sizable impact on fuel costs. There has never been a more important time for us to come together as a nation and tackle greenhouse gas emissions while simultaneously de-coupling ourselves from fossil fuels. I look forward to ensuring that Derive and the fleet industry can have an even greater impact in the years to come.    Happy Earth Day.